Tree Craft

  Where Trees Hop and Kangaroos Sit 

Hug Trees All Day Long!!

Whitelist Only, No Griefing , Server Ips- Tree Craft Modded Server 1.6.4 Tree Craft Vanilla 1.7.2

Custom Pack Is Up On the Modded Server
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TreeCraft has a Whitelisted  Custom Pack server  and a Vanilla 1.7.2 Server, we are friendly and need to grow. Both are involved servers, but yet we still do our own thing. On these servers all of your ideas will be taken into consideration. Nothing is banned. I use the company Easy Networking Solutions. The servers have 20 slots . Both servers are 24/7, that are hosted in Chicago, IL. Have an Apricot Day! :)

1. Little to no strong cursing
3. Don't build in spawn without permission
4. Be Nice and GOOD!!!






Specialty(Homes, Commercial, Tall Structures, etc.):

Describe Yourself:

Why Do You Deserve To Be On This


Have You Been Banned:

If So Why?:

How Green Do You Like Your Trees?:

If you make one App. you are accepted on both servers.